Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Good and bad. Did not work out. Therapy appointment. Emotionally spent! But will work out tomorrow. Need to find a part time job as well... woooo


Sorry that all the messages are short.. that is what I get for posting from my phone... just is easier for me at times - not always easy to get on the computer. I weighed myself this morning and was at 225#'s!!! AWESOME.... Gotta love it.... Hoping to be able to work out tonite.... And am looking for a part time job.... aaarghhhhh
Bites...recipe courtesy of Egg Face... They look and smell yummy....nighters
Busy night...worked out... 2 miles is much easier on the track vs elliptical machine. Made dinner ..turkey nachos - sans chips for me! Than I made breakfast

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am going to work out tonight... Day 2.....cardio and legs

I am taking care of me, not as easy as it sounds, but so worth it!

My goals for this week:

Workout everyday!

Get ALL protein in!

Workout Schedule

Monday, 10/12 Cardio Arms

Tuesday, 10/13 Cardio Legs

Wednesday, 10/14 Cardio Arms Trainer

Thursday, 10/15 Cardio Legs

Friday, 10/16 Cardio Arms

Saturday, 10/17 Cardio Legs

I am on track when it comes to my weight loss. And am very happy with the progress thus far!
I am back. Sorry for being MIA for so long. Things have been kind of crazy - not with my health though. Thank God!
I am down 57 pounds and 36.75 inches.... WOWZA....9 WEEKS OUT