Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sorry for the delay!

All is GREAT!! I am so sorry I have not updated since the surgery -
The surgery went very well - unremarkable. The GAS was painful!! The pain killer the first night was marvie! THe pain was manageble from that point forward... some Lortab -- not too much! But I also wanted to allow my body the time to heal!

My RNY was laproscopic! so only 5 holes in my tummy! They started itching 2 days ago, very little bruising! More discomfort than pain. I am a tummy sleeper - soooo... that is still not do-able... but not much longer!

Following all the rules.. have not walked as much as I should have - but we just got over the heat wave -- so, from this point forward.. walk, walk, walk!!

I am down 16 pounds!! WOO HOO!!

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