Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WOW... Ramblings

Where does the time go? I cannot believe that it has been 28 weeks since my surgery!!

Some Statstics
Start = 285
Current = 188
Total Loss = 97
Avg. pounds lost per month = 16
Avg. Pounds lost per week = 3.5
Cholestrol - Beautiful
3 more pounds till 100 pounds GONE
21 more pounds till I am at Doc's goal of 167
34 more pounds till I am at my goal of 154 which is the HEALTHY weight in my age/height range.

I have become WAY better at exercising! I could actually become addicted to it!
Still am SORE after a workout - a long way to go!
Psychologically - WOW - still hard to wrap my head around what my body is really looking like these days! I still "view" myself as a fat person!

Learning better posture at work so my butt does not hurt!

Syntrax Protein is the BEST!! Lemonade!

Hair is not thinning anymore ... WHEW! That was awful!
No complaints at all... feel GREAT!!!
Saggy skin- well.. it is what it is... I cannot remeber a time when I weighed less than 200 pounds!


  1. 世間是非,要如水泥地般水過則乾。 ..................................................

  2. I'm slow to catch up on blogs, but wanted to say congratulations!! You are doing amazing.. you must be 5'6" too, since 154 is my goal as well! :)